Whirling into light - an homage to Vico Nahmias


Installation by:

Efi Fouriki, artist
Lambros Taklis, composer - sound artist
"Whirling into light - an homage to Vico Nahmias" (2021)
technical supervision:
Stavros Sofianopoulos, architect NTUA
Materials used:
Sound, light, water, mirror, fabric, metal. Dimensions variable

Synopsis :

Spanning from the mid 2000’s and finally concluding in 2021, I worked on three installations, all of which fell under the same general theme and shared the same components ( light, sound, water, mirrors, vibrations and reflections). The first installation was “Reflections 2000” which was exhibited for the first time in Istanbul. The second was “Sound and Light Mirroring which was made in collaboration with the composer and sound artist Lambros Taklis in 2010 and was exhibited in the same year in Athens, and in Normandy in 2018. Lastly, this series concluded with the installation “Whirling into light - an homage to Vico Nahmias”, which was also a collaboration with the same composer.

The Installation was made for the exhibition “Reality Check” and is being exhibited at the Dafni Psychiatric Hospital.

In the middle of the room, a black skirt spins in a circular motion, through a set number of spins per minute, it gives the feeling of both human presence and absence. In the place where a person's waist would be there is a thin metal pan with water and a mirror inside. Under that pan there is a speaker. Over the pan hangs a light which through the mirror casts it's light to the ceiling above. As the water vibrates to the rhythm of the music piece, specifically made for the installation, the viewer watches the illuminated reflections twinkle through a sequence of vibrations.

As according to the curator of the exhibition “Reality Check”, Dr. Kostas Prapoglou, “Whirling into light - an homage to Vico Nahmias” (2021) by Efi Fouriki (artist) and Lambros Taklis (composer – sound artist) conveys an attempt to reevaluate the limits of our existence. The employment of sound, motion, water, light and darkness signifies our understanding of timelessness and atemporality emerging though an immersive situation. This is where the present inevitably turns into a subjective value in connection with neural mechanisms of time perception. Inspired by the meditation practices, mindfulness techniques and inward dimensions of Sufism, the two artists unlock the condition of self-captivity and create a new substitution reality of a placeless place.

Efi Fouriki Short biο ▾

Efi Fouriki (b.1965, Salamis) initially studied in the Graphic Art Department of the School of Graphic Arts and Art Studies of the Athens Technological Education Institute (TEI). In 1991, she was accepted by the Athens School of Fine Arts. In the Painting Workshop, she had Nikos Kessanlis as her teacher and in Set Design Yorgos Ziakas. She also followed a course in Teacher Training, which she successfully completed. With the Erasmus Programme, she attended a course in Sculpture at the Facultad de Bellas Artes in Valencia (1995). She has exhibited her works in Athens and Antwerp, within the framework of the Young Europeans “Germination X” Biennale, while at the same time attending seminars in Multimedia (Miskolc, Hungary). She has presented her work in solo exhibitions at Workshop dionidis+kirki, factum 11, 2011, at the TinT Gallery in 2009 (project room) and 2002, and at a private Tai Chi studio in 2000. She has participated in several group shows including Reality check, Psychiatric Hospital of Attica, Dafni, Athens 2021, Weaving the future III, Municipal Art Gallery of Shkodra, Galeria e Arteve Shkodër, Albania, 2021, Weaving the future II, Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa G.I. Katsigras Museum, 2021, Theorimata 2: On History, National Museum of Contemporary Arts, Athens, 2020, Salon de la mort, Espace Bertrand Grimont, Paris, 2020, l’OEil Ecoute, Ancienne Abbaye de Grestain, Normandie, France, 2018, Orange water 3 - Reflections of Origin, Netherlands Institute at Athens, 2018, MinerART, Museum of Mineralogy and Petrology, Athens, 2016, Women's Mykonian costume: A study of Aegean material culture, Angelos & Leto Katakouzenos Foundation, 2015, Beauty is born in the dark ΙΙ, Villa Petridi, Dimitria Festival, Thessaloniki, 2014, Transition, Municipal Gallery of Athens, 2013, Action Field Kodra, Thessaloniki, 2010, Liquid, House of Culture, Rethimno, Crete, 2008, Dialogues, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, 2006, An 8 Wo-men show, gallery Por Amor a Arte, Oporto, Portugal, 2003, Τoxic, DESTE Foundation, organised by DESTE & WWF Hellas, Athens, 2001, Face to face, Istanbul, Turkey, 2000, Biennale of Young Artists, Moderna galerija Rijeka, Croatia, 1997. She has also initiated and conducted educational programs for children and adults. Efi Fouriki is a member of the group, whose purpose is research on methods of disseminating knowledge about Art and its History in education, as well as among the general public. She lives and works in Athens.

Lambros Taklis Short bio ▾